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Join us for our Fall Mediums Day Fair October 26, 2019 10 - 3PM

Please join us at the Augusta Spiritualist Church.

Sunday Services ...

Each Sunday we have the pleasure to invite a worker from our own church, other NSAC churches or external speakers to share their spiritual knowledge with us.

Please join us at the Augusta Spiritualist Church.

Services are held each Sunday at 10.30 AM

Click here for a detailed schedule of speakers in the near future.

Thursday Night Spiritual Awareness Classes...

Each Thursday evening we hold classes of development or lectures on various aspects of alternative health and spiritual practices.

Thursday Night classes begin at 6.30PM.

Please call the Pastor or visit our calendar/newsletter pages for more detail.

Education in the Religion of Spiritualism

Augusta Church Angel PhotoEducation is important in general and for Spiritualists who choose to become credentialed workers for NSAC Spiritualism it is paramount.

The two primary avenues for an NSAC Spiritualist to becoming credentialed is the Morris Pratt Institute and the Center for Spiritualist Studies (CSS)

If you are interested in following certification and getting financial assistance the Augusta Spiritualist Church has limited scholarships (contact your church Board) and the MSSAC (Maine State Spiritualist Association of Churches) also has an Educational Assistance program. Augusta is a member of MSSAC so you are eligible as a candidate for the MSSAC Educational Assistance Fund.

Morris Pratt Institute

Spiritualists saw a need to educate, not only their Ministry, workers and leaders, but all Spiritualists on the Science, Philosophy, and Religion of this great view of the world. The Morris Pratt Institute, established in 1901, has been a part of that education for almost 100 years.

Presenting a correspondence course in Modern Spiritualism is just a part of the Morris Pratt Institute. The school also presents a two week residential course in Pastoral Skills and Special Seminars on the aspects of Spiritualism.

To enhance the study of Spiritualism, the Morris Pratt Institute has an extensive research library in Milwaukee, open to the public. If you are unable to visit the library, you can request a book catalog for the mail order book store, carrying books on Spiritualism and related topics.

For further information on the Morris Pratt Institute visit their web site at: Morris Pratt Institute  or contact them at:

Morris Pratt Institute
11811 Watertown Plank Road
Milwaukee, WI  53226-3340
Phone:  (414) 774-2994



Center for Spiritualist Studies

The curriculum of the Center for Spiritualist Studies is designed to educate students to contribute productively to society while extending and enriching the Science, Philosophy, and Religion of Modern Spiritualism.

The Center for Spiritualist Studies is aware that the world community is composed of a diversity of racial, ethnic, social and cultural groups and that these groups include many religious traditions that live and work within a rapidly changing technological society.

The Center for Spiritualist Studies believes that in order to live productively and harmoniously within today's complex world, a good education is an indispensable asset. To provide the asset of education the Center for Spiritualist Studies is lovingly dedicated to the NSAC membership, future leadership and the family of humanity. The Center for Spiritualist Studies' curriculum develops and cultivates the full range of human intelligence and capabilities; installs the habits of mind and disposition of character needed to use that understanding wisely and humanely; develops the educational and personal skills necessary to become productive members of the world community, as well as certified workers of Modern Spiritualism. B.A. and A.A. Degree Programs in Ministry and Religious Studies as well as Diploma Programs for Licentiate Minister, Certified Medium, Commissioned Healer and National Spiritualist Teacher are offered through correspondence courses. For students seeking credentials through the NSAC, the completion of the CSS degree and diploma programs are designed to qualify and prepare for NSAC Certification Examinations.

For further information on the Center for Spiritualist Studies visit their website.

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